Physicians & Healthcare Professionals

For our Physicians and Healthcare Professionals we offer several different programs to help you better manage patients. For example, Physician Portal is an online management tool that benefits physicians by maximizing their efficiency and productivity. We also participate in Doctor Alliance, which permanently keeps your documents safe, secure and available for printing from any Internet-connected computer.

Physician Portal

Carter Healthcare’s Physician Portal is a web-based patient information system developed internally to provide easy access to patient information via the Internet. Read More

Doctor Alliance

Carter Healthcare now participates in Doctor Alliance, which provides fast, HIPAA-compliant, web-based, electronic documents which can be signed between physicians. Read More

Face-To-Face Encounter

Carter Healthcare offers a Physician face-to-face encounter form that is unique to our company. It has all the requirements that the face-to-face documentation should include to make it easier for you. Read More