Letter from the President: Stan Carter

Welcome to Carter Healthcare

As the owner and founder, I would like to personally thank you for considering us as your home care provider. In 1989, I began implementing quality of care initiatives using my background as a pharmacist. This attention to detail has allowed us to become one of the premier homecare companies in the U.S.

"Carter Healthcare prides itself on providing the highest quality of care."

In 1991, we were the first privately owned home healthcare company accredited in Oklahoma by the JCAHO. While earning the Gold Seal of Approval, we expanded our facilities and methodologies throughout the southwest. Now, we are stronger than ever.

On behalf of all the clinicians at Carter Healthcare, we would be honored to serve as your homecare provider. I promise we will listen to your needs and exceed them.

"With us, you will be always be treated as family"

Thank you again for considering us.

Carter Healthcare President

Stanley F. Carter, D.PH